A weekend in Oslo


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For one of my trips, I decided to go on Ryanair’s website and see what was the cheapest flight option for the end of August. Turns out, it was Olso, Norway! I know, I was surprised as well. Isn’t Norway very expensive? Oh yes, it is, but the flight was around 30-40£ return so I thought to myself “How bad can it be?”.

If you don’t know anything about Oslo, keep reading cause you’re in for a treat!



This was useful to us because we wanted to see everything from the museums on the peninsula to the Holmenkollen Ski Jump and Tower. Oslo is a small city and it is nice, but if you’re going to spend a weekend and just walk around, you are not going to like it as much. It’s not like Paris, Rome or Venice where you can literally wander the whole day through the city and admire the architecture, history and art. In Oslo, you would have to actually go places to truly enjoy the area. The Oslo Pass is pricey as well, but it’s better than having to pay for everything separately. You can have one for 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours. We had the 72 hours Pass and it also included transport throughout the city. It was 745 NOK which is the equivalent of 79 Euros. Almost everything you need as a tourist goes through the Central Station so it’s very easy and fast to get anywhere.

P.S.: You can use the 72 hours Pass to travel by boat in order to see main attractions in Oslo.


There are hotels in Oslo and I am pretty sure they have hostels as well which might be a cheaper option. However, I went for AirBnB and it is usually my first option. The place we stayed at was so cute and it was close to everything at roughly 100 GBP for two guests. The room was not very big, but it was cozy and it had all sorts of maps and brochures on where to eat in the city or what to visit. I’m going to insert the link right here for you to check the place out and see if you like it. Oh, one last thing! For the dog lovers out there, an adorable French bulldog is waiting for you at the apartment!


Now for the fun part…

7 places to see in Oslo if you’re only going to be there a couple of days

  1. Opera House

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A classic! It’s an icon of the city and for a good reason. It’s massive and gorgeous and to be honest…a bit breathtaking if you add the views you can see from the top. It’s pretty amazing and even if you are not planning on going to a show or in the building at all, this is still a great place to go to and enjoy a nice afternoon looking over the city. Plus, it is absolutely FREE to visit which makes it even nicer, huh?

2. Holmenkollen Ski Jump

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Since we’re talking about views over the city, I have something way higher for you in store. The entrance to the Ski Jump and Tower was included in the Oslo Pass so I don’t know how much would it cost otherwise but Google says that for an adult, the fee is 140 Norwegian Krone which is 13 GBP or 15 Euros. With this ticket, you will have access to the Ski Museum and views from the top of Holmenkollen. While the museum is worth visiting to find more about the history of ski which is part of the Norwegian culture, the top of the Tower is actually impressive especially if you’re lucky to be there on a sunny day. From there you can breath in the city’s air. To get to Holmenkollen you would need to take the train and have a truly splendid journey. Keep your eyes on the window, it’s a must-see!

3. Vigeland Park

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Probably the most beautiful park I have ever seen. When I say beautiful, I mean absolutely GORGEOUS. The entrance guides you to a path filled with sculptures on each side, every single one of them telling a story and making you fall in love with the way the bodies are bending. Right in the middle. there is this stunning sculpture that words just could not describe and I think this was one of my favourite parts in Oslo and whenever I hear of the city, I’m reminded of it. If you decide to go to Norway’s capital, even if it’s just for a day or two, go the Vigeland and you will not regret it.

4. Viking Museum

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We’re in Norway so naturally, we’re gonna talk about vikings. The museum displays their ships in the four corners of the place and each one of them is equally impressive. History never ceases to blow me away and if you’re passionate about it as well, you will enjoy this. It’s tiny and not what you would expect out of a museum, but it does have something unique about it. You could see the ships from the ground floor, but there are also steps that allow you to go on the balconies and see them from a different angle. What I liked about this place was the short video of around 10 minutes displayed on the museum’s walls and ceiling. People grab a chair and they sit down while lights go down and music appears to tell the story of the Vikings.

5. Norsk Folkemuseum

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Would you like to see a traditional village? Maybe even go inside houses or different buildings and see what people used to live like and what were their daily activities? You can do that at the Norsk Folkemuseum. It takes you a few hours to see the whole area so be prepared for that when you go visit. It’s a good touristy place to go to if you want to learn more about the culture of the people and their history. Climb the hill to see their church as well which is very popular in Oslo and go inside to wander the halls that lead you outside. There are areas where you can sit down and have your lunch if you feel like you need a break.

6. Akershus Fortress

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Oslo’s once medieval castle is enchanting and it would be a shame to miss it. Again, it takes a while to see the whole place and they have pretty spectacular views over the city from their outside area. Go through dark and secret stairs to discover massive rooms where royalties would spend their lives. Don’t forget! For just a minute, pretend it is your house and allow yourself to feel like the queen or the king of the castle. It’s a great way to spend your afternoon in the city.

7. Fram Museum

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It’s only natural for Oslo and Norway in general to have a long relationship with the seas and oceans. “Fram is the strongest wooden ship ever built and still holds the records for sailing farthest north and farthest south.” (VisitOslo). What’s so cool about this museum is that you can actually go inside the ship and discover every inch of it. You will also find out about the struggles that people on the ship dealt with 100 years ago. Oh! You might actually want to try their simulator where they recreate the steep temperatures that people on the polar ship felt. If you have a friend who’s in love with winter or polar animals, the shop offers great choices for a souvenir.

There are so many other cool places to see in Oslo and I hope one day I go back to see more, but from what I have seen in a weekend, these were my favorites and I wanted to share them with you!

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